Treatment For Neck Lymphedema

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Treatment For Neck Lymphedema

Treatment for neck lymphedema

     Neck lymphedema is not exactly a common condition in the medical world. Usually, it is caused by the extraction of lymph nodules from the neck area for biopsy, when a person is suspected of having throat or neck cancer. However, the fact that it is usually caused by such a procedure does not mean that it happens often. Such as things go, the treatment for neck lymphedema is not exactly well developed.

     In general, the best course of treatment for neck lymphedema should be applying pressure to the affected area. Unfortunately, as anyone can imagine, applying pressure in the neck area is not exactly a good thing, since it can lead to asthma attacks and suffocation. In this case, the sufferer can try and alternative method of treatment for neck lymphedema: water therapy. This type of therapy offers the patient the opportunity of sinking in warm water and swimming in it or even just standing in it, while the water does all the work, providing a full massage of the area, very gentle, but very efficient. It might take about three to five sessions, but the results are said to be spectacular.

     Of course, if you do not wish to spend time in a warm pool, you can choose to go the complete opposite direction: cold therapy. In this case, bags of ice are placed on the neck and held there in bouts of five minutes at a time. Try to not overdo it, since freezing your brain is never a good idea. However, keeping the bags for less time than indicated does not actually help either.

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