Treatment Changes Over The Years

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Treatment Changes Over The Years

Lymphedema treatment changes over the years

     Lymphedema is a long term disease that leaves its effects on the body or the affected body area. Lymphedema treatment changes over the years have been coming and are still coming in the world of medical science.

     There were times when there were no treatments for Lymphedema. Lymphedema if crosses a certain stage is still incurable but medicines are available now days that have made life easy. People who suffer from any kind of Lymphedema loose their activeness and start getting tired very quickly. This way they cannot even do their personal chores easily which gets very painful in the long term.

     Ignorism is what that basically aggravates the whole problem so if any kind of abnormal swelling is seen in any part of the body a doctor should be seen as soon as possible.

     The Lymphedema treatment changes over the years have been various; earlier there was no treatment then several surgical treatments came up and the problem is still being solved surgically. Surgical process for Lymphedema treatment begun from 1912 and is still going on.

     MLD and CTD are the two main treatments for Lymphedema.

     MLD means Manual Lymphatic Drainage. With gentle, rhythmic, pumping, massage movements follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results.

     CTD mean Comprehensive Decongested Therapy. This is a combination of MLD and bandaging and exercising.

  • Compression Pump Therapy
  • Liposuction
  • Laser Treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Lymphedema Wholistic Treatment
  • Diuretics and Lymphedema
  • Benzopyrones and Flavonoids Treatment for Lymphedema
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Benzopyrones Treatment
  • Compression Pump Therapy
  • Decongestive Therapy
  • Endermologie Therapy
  • Kinesiology Therapy
  • Reflexology Therapy
  • Microsurgeries
  • Homeopathy
  • Short Stretch Bandages
  • Bandages and Bandaging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Light Beam Generator Therapy
  • Lymphobiology
  • Kinesio Taping (R)
  • Chi Machine

     These are the treatments that are being done for Lymphedema. Lymphedema changes over the years have caused better results for the patients but yet still the treatments are not at all related t magic that the problem would be cured instantly. The problem even may not be cured at all while it may take time with different therapies on different patients. But all these therapies and treatments have come up since after 1912. The treatments made a better turn since 1960 and have been advancing more. Still self treatment should not be done and good doctors should be referred to.

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