Therapy Reimbursement

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Therapy Reimbursement

Lymphedema therapy reimbursement

      In recent years and with the development of "Customer Service" departments in private clinics and hospitals, people have started to ask for their money back if the service provided was not up to their desired standards. In the case of lymphedema and its treatment, it is quite a rare happening, but this does not mean that requests for lymphedema therapy reimbursement do not exist. After all, if the therapy is done in a private clinic, it can cost a pretty penny. If the patient is dissatisfied, the best way to go about is to provide the lymphedema therapy reimbursement option. That way, the client walks away at least partially satisfied and the clinic or hospital gets to keep their good name.

     What could cause a request for a lymphedema therapy reimbursement? Well, the answer is pretty simple: a patient might disagree with the therapy method that the physical therapist employs. At the same time, the therapist might see the client as rude or obnoxious. Of course, the two persons might, simply, not make a good team. If that is the case, the business association is best to be dissolved and the client should be send to another physical therapist.

      While reimbursement is good, it is best for everyone that certain rules should be developed, just to ensure that the client does not take advantage of this option. For example, if the treatment is complete and the client has not complained about his or her physical therapist until the very last session, the money will not be refunded. Also, if it is proven that the patient is rude and has insulted the medical staff on previous occasions, the treatment is stopped immediately and the reimbursement becomes impossible.

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