Scar Tissue Treatment

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Scar Tissue Treatment

Lymphedema scar tissue treatment

     Lymphedema scar tissue treatment is very difficult and does not have the same result for all the patients. Some patients respond quickly while others take a lot of time with same treatment. Laser treatment is one of the latest and the most affective treatments while surgical and medicated treatments are other options. But no treatment is magical and takes time to affect positively. Although the treatments are getting better day by day and the best kind of technology is being introduced in hospitals and clinics with every passing day but still the problem takes its time to recover.

     Lymphedema is caused due to the lymph fluids getting accumulated at one place which may be a result to the treatment of cancer. Natural treatment should not be done while low dose treatment is the best for Lymphedema scar tissue treatment. When this treatment is done it makes the patient more comfortable because low dose treatment helps in making the patient to move around easily and with less pain.

     There are two kind of Lymphedema scar tissue treatment:

  • scar draining gently
  • skin stretching around the scar

     The scar draining of the tissue is one thing which can be done which is a good way to treat the scarred tissue. The second treatment is to stretch the skin around the scar which lessens the scar and is also one good Lymphedema scar tissue treatment.

     The scar tissue may be painful and quite lumpy at times. One treatment is exercise which is also referred to the patients by the doctor. Muscle movement and exercise is one good way to keep the scar low and not getting swollen and lumpy which results to be painful.

     Surgery is not a good option for Lymphedema scar tissue treatment. The problem can worsen due to surgery. The blocked flow can also be improved through surgery whereas it can worsen and get blocked more badly and even more painful.

     Massage is a very good option for the treatment of Lymphedema scars. The scars can be easily treated by massaging the required area. The doctors can also help by advising self massage which may be as easier and a much cheaper way to get cured. But a doctor should be consulted before taking any kind of treatment. Scars that do not heal or remain painful even after weeks of treatment are of concern as they are the ones that can cause further damage and pain to the skin.

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