Pump Settings

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Pump Settings

Lymphedema pump settings

     If you have bought a pump for the treatment of lymphedema, you should have been given a small manual that has written on the first page something along the lines of "lymphedema pump settings". After all, the standard lymphedema pump settings do not work for everybody and they are, mostly, just a retail tool. The patient will be testing the pump at the store and, depending on the success of the demonstration, will decide to buy it or not. However, keep in mind when making such a purchase that those lymphedema pump settings should be modified as soon as you buy this piece of medical equipment and the new settings should be tailored to your specific condition.

     There is no problem in admitting that you have no idea how to operate this particular piece of technology, since there are not many people who actually know how to without some initial training. Therefore, it might be best if you take the machine to your attending physician or to your physical therapist, so as to ensure that the first settings are done properly. Also, you should watch carefully how the pump is handled and what buttons to push, just so you know everything there is to know about the pump.

      If you feel like you cannot remember each and every step, you should consider writing them down and following them every time you reset it. Do not forget that the pump runs on batteries or on electricity. Thus, if you notice the pressure starting to go down, but you have not actually changed the settings, you should check the batteries first or simply plug in the device, instead of increasing the pressure.

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