Pump Manufacturers

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Pump Manufacturers

Lymphedema pump manufacturers

     The most well known lymphedema pump manufacturers tend to design and sell the same type of pump, with the same specifications and similar prices. After all, even if one lymphedema pump manufacturer claims to have developed a new type of pump, it might take years for the market to be ready for the invention and those extra years mean larger prices for a product that has yet to prove its value. Therefore, the lymphedema pump manufacturers do not risk such a maneuver, preferring to keep track of the movements of their competition and to develop similar products.

     How to decide what type of pump to buy and from which manufacturer? Well, the answer to that one is pretty simple: keep in mind what stage your lymphedema is in, how often you need to use the pump and everything should be fine. Also, there are more expensive pumps, as well as cheaper pumps, but each has their good parts and their bad parts. Usually, the more expensive ones offer a combination of devices that help the pump to function properly, such as compression garments or gels that secure the garments to the body of the sufferer. Even more so, these types of pumps will have a larger palette of settings and they can be adapted to different body types.

     The cheaper pumps are, obviously, the favorite ones, since they are much more affordable. Unfortunately, most of these pumps do not last more than one or two years and their settings panel is limited to pretty straightforward things, like "Increase the pressure" or "Decrease the pressure". However, if the patients' financial situation does not allow him or her to buy an expensive pump, these cheaper models are the appropriate solution.

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