Pictures Of Arm Lymphedema

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Pictures Of Arm Lymphedema

Arm Lymphedema Pictures and Images

     Here are a few lymphedema pictures in order to make a clearer image of this disease. Check them out and see how this looks like

Arm Lymphedema picture Arm Lymphedema image image of Arm Lymphedema picture of Arm Lymphedema

Arm Lymphedema pics Arm Lymphedema image

About these pictures of arm lymphedema

      On this page you can see a few pictures of arm lymphedema. Some of the images, like image 1 and 2 present rather advanced stages of arm lymphedema, the others show the differences between a normal arm and an arm affected by lymphedema. The way it shows can vary from patient to patient, the amount of swelling and the way it progresses . You will need to use a lymphedema sleeve to help with this problem.

      You shouldn't get scared after seeing some of the above images, some of them, as said before are of advanced arm lymphedema, however you should take this seriously and don't let it get there. Take care of yourself if you have lymphedema, with attention and care this may never happen to you.

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