Massage Therapy Lymphedema

A comprehensive overview of lymphedema covering subjects as symptoms, diagnostics, research, causes and pictures
Massage Therapy Lymphedema

Massage therapy lymphedema

     The lymphedema massage therapy is one of the main parts of the treatment plan for any patient that has been diagnosed with this terrible condition. After all, lymphedema is the blockage of the lymph vessels, stopping the lymph flow. If the lymphatic liquid does not travel to its proper location, it will form pouches of liquid right beneath the skin and the affected area will swell to considerable sizes. Obviously, these swollen areas hurt quite a lot. The lymphedema massage therapy is part of a complete decongestive therapy program, also known as CDT.

     Basically, the lymphedema massage therapy does three things:

  • Reduces the swelling by helping the muscles to regulate the flow of lymphatic liquid through the lymphatic vessels. Basically, it provides strengthening of the walls of the vessels. The muscles work towards compressing the vessels, but not overly so, ensuring the right pressure for the liquid, but not the appearance of cracks in the walls of those vessels.
  • Offers a light feeling in the affected limb. That is normal, since with the decrease of the swelling and the circulation of the lymphatic liquid, the limb should be less heavy and the mobility should return very fast.
  • Helps keep the muscle tonus to an acceptable level. Patients that have been diagnosed with lymphedema tend to believe that exercising is bad for their health and that it can cause all sorts of trouble. While that is true for certain types of sports, it is also true that the human body was made for movement, no matter its health conditions. Basically, it is best for the patient to get whatever type of movement he or she can withstand. In most cases, this means massage.

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