Lymphedema Surgery Patients

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Lymphedema Surgery Patients

Lymphedema surgery patients

     Lymphedema surgery patients are one of the most scared groups of patients in the medical world. Why is that? Usually, these people have undergone many more surgeries before they got to this step. Unfortunately, some of these procedures have been made to stop the advancement of cancer in different areas of the body. While the procedures have been wildly successful, the patients have been left with certain memories of that time. One of those memories is the lymphedema, another one is the fear of surgeries.

     Just as any other patients on the planet, the lymphedema surgery patients are prepared for the procedure by the nurses. Of course, the initial conversation about what it implies being a lymphedema surgery patient and what can one expect from such a medical procedure has been had with the attending physician and the surgeon. However, the preparation steps themselves are taken alongside the nursing staff. Basically, the patient is helped in the shower in the morning of the operation and he or she is given a special kind of soap, one that contains some antibacterial substances that will clean the area for the surgeon.

      After that, they are weighted, so that the anesthetic can be prepared at the right dosage and concentration, corresponding perfectly to the weight of the patient. In the end, they are lead to the operation room, where they will be helped on the operating table by another set of nurses, the ones in the operating theatre. Usually and if all goes well, the surgery itself takes about forty minutes to three hours, depending on the positioning of the liquid and its quantity.

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