Lymphedema Sleeve Pictures

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Lymphedema Sleeve Pictures

Lymphedema Sleeve Pictures and Images

      Here are a few pics of a few lymphedema sleeves, check them out.

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lymphedema sleeve pic lymphedema sleeve img

About these lymphedema sleeve pictures

      Here you can see a little how a lymphedema sleeve looks like. It can have different shapes and sizes, it can be long enough to go over the elbow, or just the forearm, or the hand. The lymphedema sleeve can have different colors and different pressure levels. For choosing the best lymphedema sleeve for you contact you doctor.

      Lymphedema sleeves are necessary for patients affected by arm lymphedema, in most cases the sleeve must be worn at all times. The first lypmhedema sleeve pictures shows a garment which is used together with alymphedema pump. It is applied over the arm and it helps pump the lymph liquid in the affected area. For more information on lymphedema pumps read the dedicated page.

      As you can see from the last two images, a lymphedema sleeve can be fashionable and due to more competitiveness between manufacturers you can now choose sleeves that are not only usefull but also look good.

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