Lymphedema Pump Rental

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Lymphedema Pump Rental

Lymphedema pump rental

     One of the most unfortunate things that a person can hear is that the treatment for their medical condition is too expensive for them to have access to. In the case of lymphedema patients, undergoing expensive treatment is the norm. Even more so, if the disease is advanced and the sufferer must use a personal pump or risk being in the hospital more then being outside of it. However, these pumps cost much more then most people can afford. Thus, the lymphedema pump rental services have been invented by smart manufacturers.

     Basically, the lymphedema pump rental service works just like any other rental service: a person goes to the offices of the rental company, fills a form, hands over some documentation and they are given the pump they pay for. Of course, because the lymphedema pump rental service is a medical service, the person that rents the pump must prove that they or a close family member actually need it with urgency. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer a return of the money spent on such things, nor do they offer money for buying pumps for every lymphedema patient that needs them.

      Practically, this is a no win situation. The only ones that are making money out of the whole thing are the medical supplies companies, but they do not really need them. The patients spend more money in the long run, trying to get a pump from the rental company, than they would by simply buying a new one and the insurance companies see no money out of the deal.

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