Lymphedema Pump Pictures

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Lymphedema Pump Pictures

Lymphedema Pump Pictures and Images

     Here are a few pictures of lymphedema pump, this is how they loook like in case you need to search for lymphedema pumps .

lymphedema pump picture lymphedema pump image image of lymphedema pump lymphedema pump image

lymphedema pump pics

About the pictures and images of lymphedema pumps

      Above you can see a few of the lymphedema pumps available on the market. As you might probably guess there are several producers of lymphedema pumps each with their strengths and weaknesses. For an informed and good purchase you should contact your doctor first and pick the right lymphedema pump with him/her .

      These images are just to give you an idea of how these lymphedema pumps look like, how big they are and what to expect in general. You can see there both the device itself and the garments that go over the legs or the arms in order to apply the needed pressure for the lymph to flow better. They come in different shapes and sizes again your doctor is the best person to help you choose.

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