Lymphedema Pump Medicare

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Lymphedema Pump Medicare

Lymphedema pump medicare

     Here is the thing about MediCare and lymphedema pumps: the insurance company does not offer reimburses for the money spent on these pumps. Unfortunately, the exceptions are few and far between, since MediCare is known for its reticence to paying up anything that is not drugs or actual hospital care. Therefore, lymphedema patients who cannot afford a pump on their own and try to appeal to MediCare might be in for an ugly surprise.

     However, if you have a good enough lawyer or even some sort of knowledge about insurance law, it becomes much easier to deal with the personnel of this particular medical insurance company. In all truth, there is nothing in the contract of any medical insurance company that specifies that medical machines are covered by the insurance, but the claims can be refuted for different reasons, each more obnoxious and sterile then the one before. A fifty year old man from England has been refused a lymphedema pump simply because the company that was producing and selling them was less then two years old. That meant, in the eyes of the insurance company, that the manufacturer could be a liability and the pump could be a health hazard, even if the factory had all the authorizations in order.

      Similarly, a patient will not be given money to pay for a pump unless he or she can prove that the pump actually works. However, a patient cannot prove that the pump works unless they own one. That is one of the famous "catch - 22", redundant juridical statements that offer no solution for the plaintiff and all the power to the one that drafted the contract.

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