Lymphedema Glove

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Lymphedema Glove

Lymphedema glove

     The hands are a very unusual place for lymphedema to occur, since the lymphatic vessels are not all that developed there, but that does not mean that it will not happen. If you are diagnosed with lymphedema in the hands, you should keep in mind that there are compression garments designed for your particular affliction: lymphedema gloves. The lymphedema gloves behave just like any other compression garment out there. Basically, they apply pressure on the affected area, offering a full massage of the muscles surrounding the lymphatic vessels and increasing the flow of the lymphatic liquid.

     Usually, such lymphedema gloves are hard to come by, since not many people can say that their lymphedema problem has been located in the hand area, but they are available if you know where to look. Unfortunately, the smaller the piece of fabric used to make them, the more expensive they are. That might seem like a paradox, but it is true. After all, it takes more work to hand stitch the material together, which means more man - hours, thus increasing the price.

     None of the high end compression garments are manufactured industrially, since they are customized to each and every patient and the gloves are not an exception. It might be best if the patient uses gloves that are made of both cotton and elastic material, since it means the material will have "memory", which allows it to take the shape of the affected limb, no matter how much the swelling goes down.

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