Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

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Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

Lymphedema compression sleeve

     It is rare for a person to suffer from lymphedema to such an extent that they need a lymphedema compression sleeve. However, there are people out there that have not been very lucky and the only way that they can function is to use a lymphedema compression sleeve. How does such a device work? Well, it actually depends on what type of lymphedema compression sleeve the sufferer has purchased.

     For one, if the sleeve is connected to a compression machine, it means that the machine is the one that creates the extra pressure needed to compress the affected limb. There are good things and bad things about these kinds of sleeves. One of the good things is that the sufferer can set the exact pressure level that they need for their particular case of lymphedema. Another good thing is that the machine stops the increase in pressure as soon as it detects a rise in the pulse of the patient, indicating pain. What are the downsides, then? The answer seems pretty obvious: the price. Such machines are very expensive and the medical insurance companies tend to refuse to pay for them.

      If the sleeve is a normal one, made of compressive material, without any sort of fancy machinery tied to it, then it becomes obvious that at least the material must be of the best quality possible. After all, if the sleeve is too tight, it hurts the patient and it stops the lymph flow. On the other hand, if the sleeve is too loose, it offers no pressure and it does not do its job properly.

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