Lymphedema Compression Machines

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Lymphedema Compression Machines

Lymphedema compression machines

     What exactly is a lymphedema compression machine? Good questions. It is a device that pneumatically inflates the garment applying pressure to the affected limb. It can be taken home and used individually, however you will need some training with it before using it efficiently.

     There are two kinds of pumps, the first one is a compression pump which used to be widely used in the treatment of lymphedema. In time it has been found that it causes some complications and in some cases even further damage of the affected limb. The second kind of pumps is what is being used now, it's called a sequential pump. It applied less pressure thus reducing the risks and making it a safe and useful device for treating lymphedema

     One thing you must keep in mind is that this compression machine is not for everybody, depending what you affected limb is, how badly it is affected. Also it's successful use depends on which kind of pump is being used and on the proper training and use of the device itself. For a better view over the sequential pump you should ask you doctor and he will be able to lead you in the good direction.

     If after talking with your doctor you find out that you can benefit from a sequential pump you should consider well what to choose as they are quite expensive. The good news is that you have health insurance there are many insurance companies that cover them and you can benefit from a serious discount. Do get a feel of the devices first, get the supplier to give you a demonstration of how it work. Also if you do buy one make sure that the supplier will come to your home and install it and also teach you how to use it thoroughly. Don't worry it's not rocket science but nevertheless if you don't use it properly it will bring more harm then good.

  • Don't apply the pump over compression bandaging or stockings.

  • The optimal use of the compression pump is for around two hours in the morning and again for around two hours at night.

  • Never use the sequential pump over night, it has to be monitored at all times.

  • Do not use the pump if you have full body edema, active infections, kidney failure or blood clots.

  • The pumps are not to be used on infants or generally on children under the age of 6.

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