Lymphedema Compression Bras

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Lymphedema Compression Bras

Lymphedema compression bras

     In general, lymphedema develops in the extremities, so the arms and the legs of the sufferer are the most affected. However, that is true only in the case of those patients that have been born with lymphedema. If the person has developed lymphedema due to other extenuating circumstances, like cancer treatment, it becomes very likely that they might present with swollen areas on the parts of their bodies that have been affected by the previous disease. Basically, if a woman has suffered from breast cancer and, nowadays, suffers from breast lymphedema, it might be best if she bought a lymphedema compression bra.

      The lymphedema compression bra works just like any other compression garment in the world. These materials are considered engineering marvels and that is not an exaggeration. Usually made of cotton and some sort of elastic material to help with the stretching, recent fabric has been fundamentally redesigned. Nowadays, lymphedema compression bras are made of cotton, combined with elastic nanospheres. These tiny spheres attach themselves to the cotton strands and have the ability to stretch almost indefinitely, giving the material the most desired "memory". The "memory" allows the fabric to return to its original shape and to meld to the affected area, once the swelling has gone down.

      Keep in mind that the bra must cover a very pain sensitive area of the body, the breasts. This means only one thing: the bra should be thick enough to ensure the proper pressure to reduce the swelling, but it should not be tight enough for it to hurt even a little bit.

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