Lymphedema Alert Bracelet

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Lymphedema Alert Bracelet

Lymphedema alert bracelet

     People suffering from terrible diseases, that could easily endanger their lives if they do not receive urgent medical care, wear bracelets that state their name, their disease and their attending physician. While lymphedema is not, usually, considered a life threatening condition, sufferers have started to use lymphedema alert bracelets in recent years. Why the change in perception of the disease and the sudden increase of lymphedema alert bracelets? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: people that suffer from lymphedema have been diagnosed with other medical conditions as well. Usually, if they faint or they find themselves incapable of communicating, physicians will draw blood to check their system. However, that is not a wise decision when the blood is drawn from a lymphedema - affected limb.

     Some people might question the use of these alert bracelets, since they say that the medical personnel are not blind and that they can recognize lymphedema when they see it. That is not always true. After all, there are people out there who have defeated the obvious symptoms of this disease and whose arms or legs do not show signs of swelling. However, if they are pierced again, no matter the purpose, the swelling will show up in a matter of hours and it is likely that it will not go down again any time soon. Yes, it is true that the alert bracelets are quite expensive, since some of them have GPS trackers installed, but the lymphedema patients do not actually need that kind of bracelets. The regular ones, made of a thin band of silver would be perfect for anyone.

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