Lower Leg Lymphedema Exercises

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Lower Leg Lymphedema Exercises

Lower leg lymphedema exercises

      Many lymphedema patients believe that if they suffer from such a disease, their normal exercise routine is no longer useful to them. Usually, depending on what type of lymphedema these people are diagnosed with and what stage the illness is in, a physician can recommend physical exercises that one can do and still be safe about it

      The most common lower leg lymphedema exercises are, surprisingly or not, the ones that require the sufferer to move around quite a lot. Basically, the main lower leg lymphedema exercise is regular walking. Try not to over do it, though. For example, you can walk for thirty minutes in the morning, right before you go to school or to work and then, in the evening, you can walk for another half hour. It is best if you do not walk the entire hour in one go, since it can cause cramps in your lower leg.

      Another type of lower leg lymphedema exercises requires the participation of another person or, at the very least, some sort of lesson taken by the patient. This type of therapy is, obviously, massage therapy. The patient is supposed to massage his or her foot in the area of the swollen lymphatic nodules, but with great care. For one, the sufferer or his or her massage therapist must not press strongly on the affected nodules and the movements must be slow and precise. Usually, it is preferred that the lymphatic nodules are avoided completely and the massage must focus on the area right next to them, so as to keep it filled with blood and in good shape. Once this happens, the muscles will help drain the swollen nodule.

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