Leg Lymphedema Massage

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Leg Lymphedema Massage

Leg lymphedema massage

      Here is the most important thing one needs to know about leg lymphedema massage: never push on the affected area until it truly hurts. More to the point, try and avoid direct contact with the inflamed lymphatic vessel. If you overdo your leg lymphedema massage, there is a great chance that the walls of the lymphatic vessel will collapse and the fluid inside will be absorbed in the near by tissue. That is definitely something to avoid, since that fluid has the possibility of killing muscle and bone cells.

     Usually, leg lymphedema massages start from the upper portion of the affected limb, going downwards, respecting the normal flow of the lymphatic liquid through the vessels. The touches are gentle, yet firm and they never put pressure directly on the part of the limb that is swollen. Basically, the point of the entire massage session is to help stimulate the normal lymph flow, by stimulating the muscles that surround the lymph vessels. When the massage gets painful, it is time to stop.

      In general, people who undergo massage therapy for lymphedema say that, immediately after the session is finished, they feel that their affected limb is lighter and easier to maneuver. Also, some have stated that the foot or the arm that has been massaged is colder then it was before, a sure sign of the lymphatic liquid moving around.

     It might be a good idea to consult a specialist when you first try this type of massage therapy. Physical therapists know which areas to touch and which to avoid and they can teach you the proper techniques, so as to maximize the effect and minimize what ever damage you might inflict on yourself.

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