Leg Lymphedema Causes

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Leg Lymphedema Causes

Leg lymphedema causes

      Leg lymphedema causes are not all that different from general lymphedema causes. Just the fact that this type of lymphedema is located somewhat south of the normal areas does not mean that the usual suspects for the disease are not guilty in this case. After all, the main reason behind the appearance of lymphedema is a genetic abnormality. You see, the body needs lymphatic vessels to allow the circulation of certain secretions within the body itself. If these lymphatic vessels are not properly developed or if they have thinner or thicker walls then they should, the end result is the same: the sufferer develops lymphedema.

      When talking about leg lymphedema causes, it is important to remember that the lymphatic vessels need to function both when the patient is standing and when he or she is sitting. This means that these tiny, fragile vessels are supposed to withstand great pressures from all around them, both from the muscles and from the bones that they come in contact with. The essential need is to not rupture under such stress. Basically, this is why one of the most well known and researched leg lymphedema causes is strenuous physical activity. In theory, if an athlete overdoes his or her training regimen, the result could be the complete or partial blockage of their lymphatic vessels. Unfortunately, for most athletes, these sorts of things happen at the worst possible time: during a competition. Also, the pain is debilitating and the recovery is a slow and winding process.

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