Leg Exercises

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Leg Exercises

Leg lymphedema exercises

      The problem with leg lymphedema patients is that, most of them, are people who used to be very physically active before their feet started swelling considerably. Therefore, they might find it a tad daunting to find out that regular physical exercise is out of their new limits. However, leg lymphedema exercises do exist. Unfortunately, people are scared of even touching their affected limbs, not to mention exercise them. If they do go through some sort of leg lymphedema exercise regimen, the exercises are either too mild or too intense and the patient either feels nothing or too much pain. The solution is to try every single type of leg lymphedema exercise once and see what effect it has on you. Also, try to work with a physical therapist, at least in the first few months after you have been diagnosed, just so you can understand how your body works in the current conditions.

      Even more important is to keep in mind some things, considered essential by physicians who treat this condition and by patients who suffer from it. First off, remember that too much exercise hurts even more then no exercise. Do not exaggerate. If you start to feel your leg cramping up, give it a rest. Secondly, there is not such thing as a wrong time to exercise. If the only moments that you have to dedicate to physical exercise are in the morning, walking the dog, then you should use them properly. Last, but not least, respect the indications of the physiotherapist to the letter. He or she is a trained professional and they know what they are talking about. Any changes that you might want to make to the training program should go through them first.

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