Laser Treatment

A comprehensive overview of lymphedema covering subjects as symptoms, diagnostics, research, causes and pictures
Laser Treatment

Lymphedema laser treatment

     Lymphedema is a problem that causes swelling in the lymph nodes. Another treatment for this problem is being successfully done now; this treatment is done through the laser. Treatment through Lymphedema laser treatment makes the liquid viscosity better. This also helps in treating the wounds that are caused due to Lymphedema. The laser helps in removing the scarred tissue through lymph flow.

     What is Laser therapy:

     Lymph edema laser treatment is done through the light rays that are used for the laser therapy of lymphedema which are used at the speed of 904 nanometers. Lasers are parallel rays of light that help in treating the problem that occurs in the body. Lymph edema control is done in a potential way to control secondary reactions in the body.

     Laser Cure:

     Laser cure is the best possible treatment of Lymph edema; however one thing should be kept in mind that it is not a magical treatment that a magical wand or rays would be put on the affected area and the problem would be cured in an instant, it takes time yet it is maybe the best drainage therapy.

     Lasers affect on Lymph edema:

     Lymphedema laser treatment for some people has miraculous results with just one Laser therapy session of about one hour while others take maybe 2-3 sessions or even more to get the same results.

     Laser treatment on the arm lymphedema and leg lymphedema has shown much better and faster results than that any other part of the body.

     Types of lasers:

     There are two different types of lasers that are used to treat Lymphedema

  • hand held lasers
  • scanning lasers

     Hand held lasers are used in hospitals usually while scanning lasers are used in hospitals, clinics and even privately by patients at home. Hand help lasers are more common than traditional large machines.


  • Lessens pain
  • Lessens tightness
  • Relives heaviness
  • Relieves cramps
  • Limb temperature difference is reduced
  • Size difference between the limbs is reduced

     Lymphedema laser treatment is simple and easy and has a more affective percentage than any other medications used. The therapy time is to be decided by the doctor according to the problem and the pattern of the lymphedema. Some patterns just require 2-3 sessions in a week while others require 2-3 hours of therapy daily.

     Laser treatment if done at home helps in saving a lot of time. Your time in going to a doctor and then waiting for your appointed time and then going back is saved.

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