Hydro Therapy For Lymphedema

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Hydro Therapy For Lymphedema

Hydro therapy for lymphedema

     Lymphedema hydrotherapy is a new method of physical therapy that helps lymphedema patients to keep their muscle tonus and to maintain the lymph flow at an acceptable rate throughout their affected lymph vessels. So, is there any difference between the classical physical therapy and lymphedema hydrotherapy? The answer is a resounding yes. Besides the obviously different environment in which they take place, lymphedema hydrotherapy is considered much easier to withstand by the patient and a whole lot less painful. While the physics of the situation might not be for everyone, the explanation can be a lot simple: the water itself helps the sufferer by making his or her own weight seem a lot less than it actually is.

     Here are the four main characteristics of lymphedema hydrotherapy:

  • The water allows the sufferer to go through motions that would be impossible for him or her on solid ground.
  • The water makes the movements seem more fluid, more graceful and, as such, easier to repeat. It gives the patient confidence in his or her physical therapist and their own recovering strength.
  • Due to the fact that the water withstands most of the weight of the affected person, it becomes easier to try different techniques, without worrying about jarring the joints that delimitate the suffering limb.
  • The actual moving of the water alongside the human body provides a very mild, but highly efficient massage. Basically, anything that your physical therapist or massage therapist might be able to do on dry land is nothing compared to the gentle movement of the water when you exercise in it. After all, the liquid touches the affected limb from all sides at once, providing a degree of coverage that a normal massage would not achieve.

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