Flexitouch Lymphedema Pump

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Flexitouch Lymphedema Pump

Flexitouch lymphedema pump

     The last two decades have brought a lot of progress in the medical field and the lymphedema treatment area has not been left in the dust. Therefore, it became obvious that the excess liquid that gathers inside the lymphatic vessels must be eliminated somehow from the vessels, to reduce the swelling. While that procedure is correct in theory, its practicality has been much discussed and stressed over, until the theory itself has been proven inapplicable. Thus, lymphedema pumps have been developed. Out of all these pumps, the best one is the FlexiTouch lymphedema pump.

      The FlexiTouch lymphedema pump does exactly what its name states: it helps the liquid that has accumulated inside the lymphatic vessels move around. Basically, the FlexiTouch lymphedema pump creates extra pressure that forces the lymph through the vessels, when there is nothing obstructing them clearly. However, if one uses such a machine on a blocked lymphatic vessel, the results might turn out to be disastrous. Instead of helping the cause, the extra pressure will simply rupture the walls of the vessels, spilling the lymphatic liquid in the surrounding tissues. That is never a good thing, since the lymph can contain all sorts of chemicals and enzymes, none of which are supposed to be touching anything else but the cells that form the walls of their own vessels.

      Keep one thing in mind when using a lymphedema pump: it is best for the pump to be under the prescribed amount of pressure, then over it. If you work the pump at a lesser pressure value, the results might take a while to be noticeable, but they will show up.

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