Exercise For Lymphedema

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Exercise For Lymphedema

Exercise for lymphedema

      Many people believe that, with the proper exercises for lymphedema, the disease they suffer from can be cured. While that might be theoretically possible, the harsh truth is that the exercises for lymphedema do not fix the problem. Even more so, if the exercises are poorly chosen or the patient refuses physical therapy and tries to do them on his or her own, the lymphedema could worsen very fast. Basically, after you have been diagnosed with this condition, the best thing that you can do is respect the instructions of your physician and go see a physical therapist.

     Usually, physical exercises done on their own, without any sort of schedule and reason lead only to muscle cramps and pain, both of them something to be avoided in lymphedema patients. However, if these exercises are part of a complete decongestive therapy program (also known as CDT), they can help with the decongestion of the affected limb.

     Unfortunately, not all sports are beneficial for a damaged limb. There are some sports, like those that use brute force or those that can be classified as contact sports, that should really be avoided. For example, if you loved playing baseball before the swelling began, you can try some softball for a start. However, if your passion was football, you might want to take into account that you are in no shape to tackle other people or to get hit on the head on a regular basis. It has been postulated by different scientific communities that the best sport for a lymphedema patient is yoga. While some might argue that yoga is not a sport or that it is not physical enough, the truth is that properly done yoga can help strengthen the muscles of the affected limb and increase the lymph flow.

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