Compression Stockings

A comprehensive overview of lymphedema covering subjects as symptoms, diagnostics, research, causes and pictures
Compression Stockings

Lymphedema compression stockings

     The lymphedema compressions stockings act as a "second skin" to your feet providing the much needed firm surface for the muscle to compress and pump the lymphatic liquid. They help reduce the size of the leg and return the affected limb to it's original size. The lymphedema compression stocking will help the affected regain their mobility and be able to function as normal as possible, also the pain is greatly reduced as the swelling reduces

     At the moment lymphedema is a chronic condition and no cure has been found although there are many researches being done concerning it. This does not mean however that a person affected by lymphedema can't continue living a normal and good life. In time you get used to using you compression stockings and it becomes more of a reflex. There are many varieties of compression stocking and more and more models and producers and they are starting to blend better with normal wear so it won't even be visible to the people around you.

     Here are a few rules that you might consider if you are using lymphedema compression stockings:

  • Make sure you have at least two sets of stockings in order to be able to change them as the other set is being washed.

  • Also you need to keep in mind that you have to have your stockings on at all times, they have to be worn 24h/day .

  • When washing your stockings be sure to check the producers' instructions as, depending on the material they were created from they might have different indications.

  • Also, if you notice any loss in elasticity contact your doctor as you might need to change that compression stocking.

  • When changing your stockings be sure to take good care of your affected limb, wash it thoroughly and gently

  • If you notice anything irregular happening as swellings or change of color immediately contact your doctor, the compression stocking might need to be changed or it's compression might be too much and interfere with the blood flow.

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