Arm Lymphedema Treatment

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Arm Lymphedema Treatment

Arm lymphedema treatment

     The lymphatic system is used to regulate the immune system of the body as the fluid contains white cells. The fluid passes through the lymph vessels and nodes and cleanses the body. If this process stops some where it causes problem in the body. The arm Lymphedema is caused due to different reasons like surgery, cancer and cancer treatment, genetics and infection.

     Here are a few home treatments for arm lymphedema:

  • Taking help from a lymhpedema therapist the arm can be bandaged. The bandage should be done in such a way that it is tight at the fingers and goes slightly loose as it goes up. This helps the lymphatic fluid in the arm to circulate gradually and move through out the whole body.
  • Exercise is one of the best ways to keep the muscle moving. The safest exercise that is recommended by the doctors is swimming. Swimming helps in keeping muscle moving at right angle without any string movement.
  • Compression garment is another thing that helps you in keeping the fluid circulating in the body. This garment should be taken care of by being washed daily so that the garments elasticity can be regained and also because all the bacteria and dead infected cells from the body can be washed of.

     Arm Sling, Wrist & Elbow Supports are some effective ways that can help in arm lymphedema treatment. All those people who suffere from heart diseases, diabetes, blood clots, paralysis, high blood pressure or acute infections should take care before taking any kind of treatment. Arm lymphedema treatment should be taken after taking advice from a good doctor.

     Arm lympdema treatment is a very difficult treatment as already the arm is being affected by the lymphedema. If the problem starts deteriorating instead of getting better the problem can lead to life long trouble and can also lead to many other problem. Arm lymphedema is usually caused by different reasons but it usually occurs after the breast cancer treatment. The surgery for breast cancer is already quite problematic. The arm faces a lot of problems in movement and if it starts coming across lymphedema the white cells get blocked at one place and the body gets attacked by other diseases as well.

     Arm lymphedema treatment should be taken as soon as some irregular swelling is experienced by the patient so that it can be taken care of before the problem gets severe.

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