Arm Lymphedema Sleeve

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Arm Lymphedema Sleeve

Arm lymphedema sleeve

     The one thing that can help a patient that suffers from arm lymphedema is a compressive sleeve. After all, every single physician and specialist in the world will not be able to offer more advice and a better solution than the classical one: apply steady pressure and keep it there for a while. The compressive arm sleeve does just that. It manages to apply the necessary pressure and it creates just the right amount of pressure, which is even more important than the simple existence of pressure. Why such a complicated and delicate balance? Well, if the arm sleeve will press harder on the affected limb, the flow of lymphatic liquid will be disturbed or it will be stopped completely. On the other hand, if the sleeve is not tight enough, it becomes useless, since it does help with the decrease of the swelling.

     The arm lymphedema sleeves can be quite hard to conceal, since they tend to be bulky and dark, brown color. However, keep in mind that sleeve covers have been developed in recent years. Basically, these sleeve covers are made of any kind of material, colorful enough that it will distract the person that looks from the unnatural shape of the sleeves.

      Some people actually use the sleeve covers for the protection they offer: these sufferers work in dangerous or dirty environments and the need for protecting the precious sleeves is imperative. After all, they do not come in cheap and replacing the entire set of sleeves because you were careless can be quite a problem.

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